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Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Thought i'd give an update on the progress with screenshots. First thing to notice is that it's a custom game, camera, pawn, controller and weapon (though the weapon doesn't have a mesh yet, it does fire though).
More screens after the break:
Having a stare down with a rock

I added water to the level too. The ripples in the screenshots were caused by shooting the surface. The water makes do for now, i think it could be better ( maybe using a static mesh).
From another angle, so you can take in the ripples in all their beauty.
 Water is swimmable, and also has a post process volume for the bluish tint you see here. The green goos are ambient creatures choosing paths from amongst a set of nodes. Their behavior is random. Will eventually be replaced by fish :)
Alo fishi.... ummm.. globs?

Iz swimming backwards...

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